The Regulator Collection Éric Corbeyran

ISBN: 9781932413861

Published: November 1st 2007


145 pages


The Regulator Collection  by  Éric Corbeyran

The Regulator Collection by Éric Corbeyran
November 1st 2007 | Paperback | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, AUDIO, mp3, ZIP | 145 pages | ISBN: 9781932413861 | 4.80 Mb

I recently purchased this collection reprinted in English by Heavy Metal Magazine. I understand they carried the series translated in 2007. I first read the comic series in its original French back in 2003. I guess the act of translating the work myself made the writing seem far superior to what Im reading in this translation.

I think this graphic novel is visually stunning. The layout work and the cinematic scope present a future world that feels Steam Punk, but is most definitely science fiction. Heavy Metal did nothing as far as I can tell to change the look and feel of the original comic.The story is set in a far future that looks a lot like a re-imagined Steam Punk 19th century. Our heroes are Regulators, people who are sanctioned assassins. They are seen as a balancing force in a political system that is mostly formed from class warfare. Its mentioned that they arent legal, but they are licensed.

Im not exactly sure how that works. The cities are giant Megapolisis like the type often seen in Anime and the future offers the same type of ultra-violent sports and entertainment commonly seen in dystopian literature. Nyx, the main character, suffers from a heart condition formed after a childhood surgery and must regularly connect himself to an external regulator to keep living.I feel that the characterization of Nyx, the protagonist Regulator, is a little forced and comes across as a little unnatural.

The two main women dont seem to really be heroes of their own story, but set pieces there to help Nyx move through the overly complex story. The story drags under its own weight as we learn through mostly exposition that two forces that the reader probably cares little about are using Nyx as a tool to either bring about some great political change or not [I was never sure, because by the time it got to the end it seemed more a personal story about Nyx and all the political intrigue seemed like a throughline to get Nyx to that point].

There are some rather odd character changes that seemed forced to fit the plot as well.I think if youre a fan of the Steam Punk genre you should get this graphic novel, because it is visually stunning and does definitely embrace the Punk side of Steam Punk, but if you require a really moving and great story, look elsewhere.I remember really falling in love with this comic when I first discovered it on the net, but I think it might have just been the sexy French language making it seem far superior than what it really is.

I wish I had my original translations so I could compare [not that Im under any delusion that my translations were somehow better], but I dont so Im just going to have to assume that my memories of this comic are a little off the mark.

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