27 Yards An Runnin... C. Phil Moore


Published: May 21st 2015



27 Yards An Runnin...  by  C. Phil Moore

27 Yards An Runnin... by C. Phil Moore
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Soondie Slaton is joint owner of a thriving niche shop in the heart of SoHo, partnered with a business-savvy long-lost cousin who is more like a close-knit brother, surrounded by adoring and supportive friends, and the object of affection from the most desired girl from around the way.

However, the world of young Soon Sun seems to be eclipsed in darkness. Or so he thinks… Granted, he has experienced his fair share of tragedies, however in recent times his life has been going well. Still, he can’t shake the feeling that there is the other proverbial shoe waiting to drop.And now, happening upon the dawn of his 27th birthday, Soondie is expecting the dreaded doom and gloom to come at any moment. To his dismay, it doesn’t. Over the course of the year, he is slowly shown the tenet of life: that it may not be just, but it’s fair.

As he perhaps anticipated, Soondie does experience losses inasmuch as gains. The question is, does that give him cause to check out? The decision is his, despite what he may be led to believe.Shadows of the past shape who we are and can hold us back.

We move forward while standing still. 27 Yards An’ Runnin’… is the story of a young man wondering what his life means and where it is going. Running on equal parts optimism, fatalism, cynicism and wonder, we navigate Soondie’s world, love and life. Follow young Soon as he narrates his story— current and past, set to a diverse soundtrack and projected upon with stylized images and enriched atmosphere. The closer he comes to reconciliation, the closer he’s met with what he believes as an impasse.

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