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Beautiful Blemish  by  Kevin Sampsell

Beautiful Blemish by Kevin Sampsell
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I liked this little book but I feel weird saying anything more about it because Mr. Sampsell just became my friend on goodreads this week and weve exchanged a couple friendly e-mails and I internet like him so while I dont have anything bad to say about it I feel weird being effusive or anything. But somebody sold this to my store so I read it and I liked the story about the old people boning, how there was a tender story about 3-dimensional old people boning and then not long after that a story where a weird old guy is just kind of a cartoon punchline in two dimensions.

Kind of like how Slavoj Zizek wont pick a single standpoint on anything, you know? Kevin Sampsell is the Slavoj Zizek of very short stories. Hi Kevin. FIVE STARS

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