Tailored Secrets Kaya

ISBN: 9781424193172

Published: December 3rd 2007


264 pages


Tailored Secrets  by  Kaya

Tailored Secrets by Kaya
December 3rd 2007 | Paperback | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, AUDIO, mp3, ZIP | 264 pages | ISBN: 9781424193172 | 3.43 Mb

Born into families both religious in background, Leoni and Taye were forced into vows of abstinence until marriage. The only thing keeping them going was the favorable lifestyles of their familiesadespite the minor occurrences of their parentsa broken marriages. Once the secrets begin to surface, showing the true colors and the lies that have been held in place, it becomes harder for them to maintain their vow and to uphold their faith in family.

Torn by broken hearts, ending friendships and two best friends who are hiding secrets, neither Taye nor Leoni know which way to turn or whom to trust. Tailored Secrets is the tale of two families: a mother demanding of her daughteras virtue and a man torn between loving and hating his mother because of the secrets about his fatheras death. Leoni and Taye must face a reality that is nothing they planned before they are swallowed up in the confusion of their loved ones and friends. It soon affects their relationship and threatens to tear apart the only thing they have left.

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