The Zen lectures of Boddhidhara Red Pine




The Zen lectures of Boddhidhara  by  Red Pine

The Zen lectures of Boddhidhara by Red Pine
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Ive been meditating a lot these past few months as a way to deal with stress, so I decided to learn more about Buddhism to contextualize my practice. Im not looking to become a Buddhist, but I want to gain deeper understanding. After reading a few survey texts I found both Zen and Tibetan Buddhism resonated with me (despite their being antipodes), so I decided to begin with studying Zen. Instead of reading, say, D.T. Suzuki I decided to begin with a primary text from one of Zens founders.

I gave this 5 stars but Id be lying if I said I understood it. If I did understand it, though, I wouldnt need it. I rate it so highly because its passion and insight are obvious, and it challenges me to embrace alien perspectives. If I were better trained in Buddhism perhaps I could give you all a better description, but probably not. The entire point is that awareness isnt describable. Its all so confusing and frustrating.

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